It all started with a simple realization: Who doesn't love cookies?

Cookies have provided sweet, warm comfort to college students studying for their exams late into the night for years – a phenomenon we at City Baked have experienced personally and remember vividly. We’ve studied for exams until all hours of the morning, and we’ve had cravings that the dining hall just couldn’t handle.

City Baked promises to bring, fresh cookies to students and other night owls right when they need it most.

City Baked founder, Russell Goldenberg, believes in amazing cookies, and spent an entire summer after college developing recipes in his mom's kitchen. In the quest for the perfect cookie, Russell combed through recipes from cookbooks, websites, and friends' grandmothers and moms around the country. After months of research and lots of taste testing, he found the common denominator that makes his cookies irresistibly delicious.

We built the kitchen ourselves turning our nightmare of a post-college cubicle career into a dream of providing the ultimate comfort food to those who crave it, when they crave it. Open late into the night, we're ready to bring you the awesome, fresh baked cookie you're dreaming of right now.

Whether you’re looking for a basic chocolate chip, a peanut butter blast or oatmeal raisin, a decadent double chocolate, a sweet sugar cookie, or a colorful M&M cookie, Russell has taken the basic cookie you know you want and pushed it up a notch into the ultimate cookie that can satisfy your late-night craving.

Don't forget the milk! We can also bring Abbott's Frozen custard, soda, and water – everything you need to get through the night.

Let us know what you need and we can even cater your next party.

You can reach us at: Phone: (617)-903-3886 Fax: (617)-903-4389